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Windows 8 History Vault

Windows 8 History Vault is another system and files backup feature built-in Windows 8 Operating System. Check Windows 8 History Vault definition and how to use it.

Windows 8 History Vault will be an advanced backup utility similar to Time Machine for Mac OS X. The system will create regular, automatic backups using Windows” existing Shadow Copy feature. Although users of Windows Vista and 7 can already go back in time with System Restore, History Vault will reportedly be more advanced. Users will be able to restore individual files to earlier timestamps, and the system will offer a graphical user interface for editing and restoring old documents. Apple”s Time Machine uses a cover flow to sort through restore points, but it”s not clear what Windows 8″s History Vault interface would look like.

You may also check out the article about Windows 8 Backup. We will find that Microsoft pays a lot of it Casino propone il bonus di benvenuto più originale del web. attention on file & system backup. This is a trend that protecting users” files is very important.

Here I am thinking about the future of backup software. Now that Windows 8 backup feature contains so many aspects: Open System Reset, History Vault, Windows Live Mesh, Cloud Backup, Restore points, etc. I believe that from now on, people don”t need to worry about data loss any more. And computer users won”t need to pay for any backup software in near future, such as Windows 8 Ghost. This is really good news.


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  1. Disaster says:

    I can’t wait for it. As they announce that Windows 8 backup will let all the third party backup software burn in hell =)

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