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Windows 8 Operating System

Windows 8 Operating System is the most advanced Windows operating system in the history of Windows family of Microsoft. It not only supports computers, but also works for tablets.

Some brilliant features have been added in Windows 8 operating system, such as Windows 8 Speech Recognition, Windows 8 Backup and restore, Windows 8 Partition Resize, etc. What’s more it supports touch feature very well.

There are quite a lot editions of Windows 8 Operating system, such as, Windows 8 Home 32 & 64 & 128 bit, Windows 8 Professional 32 & 64 & 128 bit, Windows 8 Ultimate 32 & 64 & 128 bit, etc. They are facing different man groups with different charges. Of course, we can see that if you need more features, then you have to buy more advanced Windows 8 operating system editions. But for home users, for daily computer use, like common office work and entertainment, Windows 8 Home edition is quite enough.

So adjust your needs for computer, then decide which edition you should purchase.

And before Windows 8 operating system, there are some other Windows operating systems in this family:

Windows 7 operating system
Windows Vista operating system
Windows XP operating system
Windows ME operating system
Windows 2000 operating system
Windows 98 operating system
Windows 95 operating system

Windows Server 2000 operating system
Windows Server 2003 operating system
Windows Server 2008 operating system

Just remmeber them, you are using the most advanced operating system ever, Windows 8.


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4 Responses to Windows 8 Operating System

  1. tammy says:

    My new Toshiba with OS 8 shuts off at least once an hour, reboots itself.

  2. NeilMcLeay says:

    I have been .trying to buy and download Windows 8.. I have filled in the form for registration 4 times. A notice pops up “An error has occurred” I have also rung up twice and the advice given is to fill in the form again.I feel that I am not progressing. I will ring again on Monday I bought the Asus computer in Miami and suspect that your computer cannot recognise the store which is Brandsmart U S A. Please assist me Neil McLeay

  3. Mohit Chauhan says:

    how can i download the drivers for my HCL ME laptop for wondows 8?

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