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Windows 8 Drivers Download

To download Windows 8 drives, you should firstly know what brand of your computer is. This article guides you update hardware drivers for your newly installed Windows 8.

Windows 8 is newly published not long ago, people installed Windows 8 for pre-test how it is. And after installed Windows 8, they found that their Windows 8 has no sound or can”t configure screen resolution. That”s because the sound driver or video card driver isn”t fit for Windows 8 system. If you are still using the drivers for Windows 7, some of them can”t work, or even if succeed, they are extremely unstable, causing problems in the near future.

So what I recommend it to install the Windows 8 Drivers for each hardware deviced.

However, people may don”t know where the Windows 8 drivers are for their own computers. For their computers are bought when there was no Windows 8, and the driver disk contains hardware drivers for Windows 7 upmost. So Check the following steps to download and install Windows 8 drivers.

1, check out the brand name of your computer.

2, go to the official site of your brand. For example, if your laptop is Dell, then go to www.dell.com.

3, there are quite a lot models in your brand, and find your brand model. For exmaple, Dell Inspiron 4200, or something like that.

4, get the driver download page for your brand model, try to see if there is Windows 8 driver for this model. If they exist, then download Windows 8 drivers package, and install them all. Remember, if you are using Windows 64 online casino bit system, you must download 64 bit Windows 8 drivers.

Notice: due Adulteration urine pass drug test urine is very helpful to determine changes in urine such as unusual levels of creatinine, pH, and specific gravity and to detect the presence of glutaraldehyde, As a horoscopes cancer born on July 14th, you are no stranger to the realm of emotions. nitrite and oxidants /pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC). to the situation that Windows 8 is just published, so maybe the Windows 8 drivers don”t exist for your brand model, so you have to wait for their come. That”s exactly why I don”t recommend you to install Windows 8 immediately when Windows 8 come out.

And if you are not using the brand computer, DIYed it by yourself. You can go and search a driver update software in Google. This kind of software helps you to identify the latest drivers for your hardware devices. And once it detects a newer version of drivers, it will tell you and you can download and install newer drivers, and see if it works in Windows 8.

At last, again, I don”t recommend you to install Windows 8 immediately when Windows 8 is published. The only reason I said just now, if there is no proper Windows 8 drivers for you to download and install, then wait for their publication.


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26 Responses to Windows 8 Drivers Download

  1. Rocky says:

    My bast site

  2. smile says:

    Windows 8 :
    1. Brightness issue
    2. cannot change user account picture and startup pictures…

    anybody got solution for these?

    help me with sony vpcf136fg display driver (i guess that ‘ll solve brightness issue)

  3. Window 8 will rock. All the information provided by this site is very helpful.

  4. prem says:

    visit the blog to complete windows 8 resource. I work for windows 8 direct support.

  5. anikcomp says:

    I have gigabyte t1125n with nvodia gforce 310m
    I can’t install driver for gpu
    Please help me

  6. sasasa3636 says:

    Hello sziasztok segitene valaki telepitettem a win 8 programot és nem tudom hogy miért nem megy a két monitor használata funkcioja probáltam beéllitani de nem lehet segits elöre is kössz

    • sasasa3636 says:

      Hey hey I help someone works in Win 8 programs, and I do not know why it does not work with two monitors function of beéllitani tried this but you can not help me thanks in advance skype SASASA36361 papapa36361@freemail.hu

      Hello sziasztok segitene valaki telepitettem a win 8 programot és nem tudom hogy miért nem megy a két monitor használata funkcioja probáltam beéllitani de nem lehet segits elöre is kössz

      • admin says:

        I don’t have two monitors, but my friend has, he is OK with Windows 8. Try the Windows 8 final official version, and see if it is ok for you now.

  7. sand says:

    Yes, windows 8 will work….. india

  8. nayhtwe says:

    i want to window8 free download.

  9. lenovo Y410 says:

    Can’t find any audio driver , please help!!

  10. suyanA sushyant says:

    i have audio drivers for win 8
    free downlod

  11. Vishal Pawar says:

    Very helpful artical about queerys…………

  12. Dalibor says:

    I can’t find drivers for ma graphic card ( Ati Radeon HD 4350) and for my sound card (Realtek HD sound drivers ). Can you help me ??

  13. mike prince says:


  14. Walter says:

    I tried the Windows 8 Preview from Sepember 11, 2011. It looked good but the internet explorer connection was unstable. It would go on to Windows Update download the updates but that was it. The sound went on no issues. The video card even though it is not rated even for Windows 7 functioned. has anything changed and has the internet connection problem been solved?
    I have an old computer which originally came with Windows 98SE, I have ran Windows XP for the last 10 years with out any problems even though with the new fix’s and updates for today they put a toll on the resources.
    Again I tried Windows 7 for 4 months before it even went on the market with this computer and it worked like a charm, I wonder if Windows 8 is going to be as good, I do beleive to todays date that Windows XP was and is the best program ever designed by Microsoft.
    My computer configurations: 1024 SDRAM with AMD XP2600/266 processor and a 120gig hard drive, the video card is ATI 7000. all works great with XP but will it function as well on Windows 8. Do you have a Windows 8 Qualification tool yet?

    • Israel says:

      sir i have a problem in my hp wecabm driver i install window 7 but the wecabm drivers a not found any where and my wecabm is not working please suggest solution of my problem i use hp compaq v6000 presario AMD processor please help as soon as posible

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